Suikerrock 2020

1. Will Suikerrock 2020 still take place?
No, the National Security Council has decided that mass events may not take place until 31 August to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, we have no choice but to move Suikerrock to 2021. 

2. So when will Suikerrock 2021 take place?
Suikerrock 2021 will take place at the usual time, namely during the changeover weekend of July and August. For Suikerrock 2021, this means on Thursday 29 July, Friday 30 July, Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August. 

3. What will happen to Suikerrock 2020’s line-up?
In so far as possible, Suikerrock 2021’s line-up will be an exact copy of Suikerrock 2020. 

4. What about the tickets I bought for Suikerrock 2020?
All tickets purchased for the 2020 edition will remain valid for the 2021 edition, including drinks/food vouchers purchased in presale. You will also receive an email with information from our ticket supplier.


1. Can I purchase tickets at the event itself?
If they are not already sold out, tickets will be available for purchase at the ticket booth, down the Gilainstraat. Only day tickets and kids’ tickets will be available for sale there. The rates of these cash register tickets will be found on the Tickets page of the Suikerrock website.

2. Where can I exchange my ticket for a wristband? Are there different entrances?
The place where you can exchange your ticket has been specified on your ticket. You can exchange ordinary tickets at the entrances at Peperstraat or Kalkmarkt. VIP tickets will be exchanged at the VIP ticket counter, down the Gilainstraat.

3. For which areas/stages do I require a ticket?
​You only need a ticket to access the Grote Markt (main stage). The other parts of the festival may be accessed free of charge.

4. Can I leave and re-enter the Grote Markt?
When you  arrive, you will be required to trade in your ticket (see point 2) for a wristband. This wristband gives you continuous access to the Grote Markt. Be warned, these wristbands are strictly inspected. If any misuse is detected, access will be denied.


1. How can I pay for food and drink at the festival?Y
​You have to pay with Suikerrock tokens at all the food and drinks stands, both in the paid section as well as the streets around it. In the food truck corner (Hennemarkt), you may also be permitted to pay cash at some of the stands. The tokens can be purchased at the festival itself - using cash or bancontact (debit card) – at 10 ticket booths spread across the Grote Markt, Hennemarkt and Veemarkt, or you can always buy them in advance at lower rates from the online ticketshop. Each token has a value of 1 Euro, and you can split it into two, in order to obtain a value of 50 cents. You will require 2.5 tokens for a standard drink consumption.

2. Where can I exchange my pre-purchased food and drinks ticket for tokens?
Food & drinks tickets can be exchanged at the Grote Markt, at the booth in front of the Tienen town hall.

3. What kind of things can I find to eat and drink at the festival?
Suikerrock offers catering stands with a wide variety of fresh products and delicious dishes. Trendy food trucks with tasty and original snacks make for a summery, culinary festival atmosphere in the streets between the Grote Markt and the Veemarkt. You can certainly enjoy anything from a light snack to a big meal at Suikerrock!


1. Where can I find toilets on the premises?
Left and right of the mainstage, you will find a toilet zone with toilets on running water. Furthermore there are toilets in the Nieuwstraat (nearby the Acoustic stage) and on the Veemarkt (nearby the DJ-stage)

2. Where can I withdraw money?
You will find several ATMs at the ING office down the Leuvensestraat,.These may also be used by non-ING customers. ATMs are also located down the Gilainstraat, in the Nieuwstraat, in the Minderbroederstraat and in Tienen station.

3. Are there any items that I cannot bring inside?
The following items are prohibited at the entrances: sharp objects, weapons, glass, cans, bottles (glass and plastic), professional photographic, film and recording equipment, food and beverages, drugs, animals (except guide dogs for people with a visual impairment), fireworks, folding/foldable chairs, strollers and all objects that could pose a safety hazard.

4. Where is the first aid post at the festival grounds?
There are two large first aid posts, one behind the main stage in the courtyard of the Suiker Museum and one behind the stage in the Veemarkt. Mobile teams will also be deployed at the festival.

5. Can I take snapshots and shoot videos at the Suikerrock?
It is prohibited to take along professional photographic, film and recording equipment. Smaller devices and smart phones are however permitted. You will find all the terms and conditions on your festival ticket as well.

6. Can I camp at Suikerrock?
There is no specific festival campsite. You can however use the standard overnight accommodation options such as a hotel or a B&B in Tienen or in the vicinity. The overnight stay  page provides a list of all the available options.

7. I would like to have my own food truck/stand at Suikerrock. What are the relevant terms and conditions that apply?
The Stands and Food trucks page provides additional information about this. You can also send an email to standen@suikerrock.be.

8. Can I sign up as a volunteer to work at Suikerrock?
Most certainly! Helping hands are always welcome. Please consult 'Medewerkers' for information and for details of the link to the online registration form.


More information about how to get there, the route you should take, and about other additional facilities for disabled persons can be found on the getting there and accessibility pages.

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