The first names!


You Oughta know !

That's indeed what we were thinking here at Suikerrock. U oughta know we are releasing the first 4 names for Suikerrock 2018 and -coming in with a bang- Alanis Morissette is our first headliner on Saturday July 28! This Canadian, who had a great reputation for being angry at things that went wrong in the world, her life, or just about anywhere, managed to sell over 60 million records, grab 7 Grammy Awards and score numerous worldwide hits. Just think of 'Ironic', 'You oughta know', 'Thank you', 'Hands clean'…

But we keep firing the big guns: Also the Goo Goo Dolls will be playing at our festival on Saturday July 28.
They rocketed to stardom in 1998 when ‘Iris’  from the soundtrack of ‘City of angels’ stayed at no.1 in the American charts for a stunning 18 weeks! With 16 albums in the pocket (best off's included) and over 10 million copies sold, they are a phenomenon which we invite you to (re)discover at our mainstage.

And believe us , we totally do understand that you have the sudden urge to go out and buy your Suikerrock pre sale tickets. Oh yes, we totally understand :)

For Sunday July 29 we can announce two arena size acts, one from Belgium, one from Holland. Stan Van Samang is a very popular actor/singer in Flanders, who scored the ‘Hit of the year’ award in 2015. Gers Pardoel is a Dutch rapper who came to stardom in 2009,thanks to a collaboration with another rap duo: The Opposites

4 acts for two festivaldays, so there’s a lot more coming. Stay tuned!

Feel the vibe, taste the sweetness!