Getting there

Suikerrock can be reached in various ways. Here is a list!


Suikerrock can be quickly reached by bicycle! Take a look at for more information about the cycling network and route planner. The following is a list of the bicycle networks in the region.

A covered bicycle parking facility has also been provided (Waaiberg 5). Please note: The bicycle parking facility will open one hour prior to the first performance on the main stage, and will close half an hour after the performance of the last group or DJ on the main stage.


Unfortunately, no special bus and train timetable has been organised for the duration of the festival. The following is a list of the last trains and buses. The main stage at Suikerrock is located on the Grote Markt, 800 metres from the station. The timetables for buses can be found on and for trains.

There are free night buses going to Leuven on Friday and Saturday.
Click here for more information.



The following is a list of the major bus routes with the time of departure of the last bus from Tienen, on Friday and Saturday. Do take into account that different timings may apply to weekdays and weekends! The “Tienen Grote Markt” stop will not operate during the festival days!

 Bus route
Leuven - Boutersem​380
Leuven - Boutersem (night bus)380
Diest - Geetbets - Budingen22
Aarschot - Tielt390
St. Truiden​313



The following is a list of the trains with the departure time of the last train from Tienen. Do take into account that different timings may apply to weekdays and weekends!

 Journey timeLast train back
St. Truiden18'22:56
Brussels South42'23:44



E40 Brussels-Liège, exit 25
E314 Leuven-Lummen, exit 24
E411 Brussels-Namur, exit 11


Suikerrock strongly recommends the use of the car park at Tienen station. This car park has ample parking space to accommodate +/- 1,600 cars. One part of it is located at the rear of the station, and is easily accessible via the southern ring road around Tienen. You can reach the Grote Markt using the pedestrian tunnel, the 4th Lancierslaan and the Leuvensestraat. A walk of just 800 metres! Another part of the total capacity (parking area) is located on the right, in front of the station (Zijdelingsstraat). It is best to avoid taking your car to the city centre during Suikerrock.

The organisers of Suikerrock have made extra efforts to make the festival accessible to people with a disability, including the provision of reserved parking spaces. For more information, please refer to the Accessibility page.


A number of taxi companies are also available in Tienen​. Check this page for contact details.


Tiense Vesten is currently undergoing reconstruction, due to which several works are being carried out in the city. These will not be completed by the time the festival takes place and as such detours may have to be taken at various places. Click here for more information about the current situation.