Tourist Le MC

Tourist Le MC


He became a father, Johannes Faes aka Tourist LeMC, and that is for many artists the perfect reason to transfer those parental feelings onto an album. That’s exactly what this artist from Antwerp did with his second album ‘We begrijpen mekaar’. Although you’ll never have to look too far to find an Antwerp reference in his music. A beautiful album, which already surpassed his debut album ‘En route’ from 2015.

Tourist doesn’t have any problems filling concerthalls or festival fields and transforming a mainstream crowd into a musical ‘sing-along’ choir. With a new MIA award under his belt he takes on Suikerrock this year as well.

The tracks from ‘We begrijpen mekaar’ are, thanks to the amazing production from Yousef Chellac, impossible not to dance to. On the hitsingle ‘Spiegel’, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud puts his amazing voice into the mix, and other collaborations e.g. with Alice on the Roof are added to the experience as well.

Who’s your musical MC daddy? Come see him at Suikerrock 2019!