Goose first made way in Belgium with a unique sound and an energetic stageperformance. Goose became very popular nationally, but succeeded in expanding their reach to Europe with their second album ‘Synrise’. They build up an enormous live-reputation, and the national and international press poured out many superlatives about these people from Kortrijk.

Goose, however, kept both feet on the ground and kept producing great performances (for almost two decades now). Ever since they won Humo’s Rock Rally in 2002 they never lowered their level. So everytime you spot them on a concert flyer you can be assured there’s going to be a massive eargasm in the near future.

Goose can easily get your dancing feet moving with their special, exhilarating and especially driven electro-rock/punk inspired liveset. With ‘Goosenonstop’ they reinvented themselves in 2019. Away with the guitars, the stage is now filled with keyboards and computers. They remix all their own songs en classics into one whirling rave.

Get ready to start sweating, they’ll be joining our line-up on Saturday the 27th.