Black Box Revelation, Rival Sons, Equal Idiots on Friday July 28!

Black Box Revelation, Rival Sons, Equal Idiots

So, there you have it! A full line up for the first day of Suikerrock!

Friday, July 28 is all about rock ’n roll.

Two Flemish young guns from Hoogstraten will kick off by unleashing an overdose of garage punk. ‘Salmon Pink’ settled nicely into the playlists at Studio Brussels as a sample of future tastings. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward uppercut to start off Suikerrock 2017, Equal Idiots is your thing!

Rival Sons were on tour with Black Sabbath last year, by Ozzy’s personal request. Their fourth album ‘Hollow Bones’ still shows their craving for pure, no nonsense rock ‘n roll that is still so typical of the US of A.

Then, another serious thing as sub headliner: greasy, straightforward riffs that will even get Seasick Steve to his knees. He’s a fan, as are we. And you, no doubt about that! Black Box Revelation will simply reset your mind and get you perfectly up to temperature for Iggy Pop.

Equal Idiots, Rival Sons, Black Box Revelation and the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop. Some Friday hey?


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